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Azoy vi es Kumt der Kheyliker Purim ...... azoy vi es kumt der kheyliker purim, fargesn di vaybelekh on zeyere yesurim, zey meynen, es iz azoy vi fartsaytn, zey tuen oyf di fartekher arumraytn, zey tuen lekn un nashn un klepn di homentashn, un mit a groyser gedule loyfn zey hern di megile. der man kumt aheym fun . . . Suggest Changes
Chag purim traditionalLevin Kipnis  Chag purim chag purim Chag gadol la yehudim Masechot, rashanim z'mirot, v'rikudim. Havanarisha rash rash rash*3 Bah rashanim Purim day, Purim day Laughs, a joyous holiday Happy songs, singing songs, Masks and dancing gay Havanarisha rash rash rash*3 Bah rashanim . . . Suggest Changes
Complas de Purim Traditional...  Esta noche de Purim No duermen los alhajuin haziendo alhajuinadas para las desposadas Vivas tu Viva Yo Vivan todos los judios Viva la Reina Esther que tanto placer mos dio Mordecai mando y dize: 'Todo judio que s'avise, qu'en Adar catorse y quinse tengan mucho de beber.' Vivas... Haman antes . . . Suggest Changes
Elimelech of Gilhoffen ......  (to the tune of Az Der Rebe Elimeylech) Elimelech of Gilhoffen drank "L'chayim" once too often, Drank "L'chayim" and became a trifle gay, So he put his studies by, tipped his hat across one eye, And he called for the fiddlers to play. Well, the fiddler took his fiddle, put . . . Suggest Changes
En estos alegros dos dias TraditionalTraditional  En estos alegros dos dias llamados el alegre Purim porque en ese yom tovimos muchos nissim comamos bebamos y alegros estamos con el pueblo de Israel Amen Amen Amen . . . Suggest Changes
Esther's Day (to the tune of Yesterday by the Beatles) ......  Esther's Day is when Jewish folks will have their say And cru-el Haman will just go away O we believe in Esther's Day Mordechai says that we don't really have to die Now that's just a lot of cha-zer-ai So have the King tell Haman, "Bye" Why we're hated so . . . Suggest Changes
Haynt iz Purim ......  Haynt iz Purim, brider Lomir zingen lider! Zogt, vos hobn Homons den a vert Lomir bronfn shteln, Der eybershter vet veln - Mir hobn ale sonim tif in dr'erd! Haynt is Purim, brider Lomir zingen lider Zogt, vos hot der goles den a vert? Lomir bronfn shteln, Der eybershter vet . . . Suggest Changes
Hop! Mayne Homentashn M. Pirozhnikov...  I Yachne-Dvoshe fort in mark, Zi halt zich in eyn pakn, Fort oyf Purim koyfn mel, Homentashn bakn. Refrain: Hop! Mayne homentashn Hop, mayne vayse Hop, mit mayne homentashn Hot pasirt a mayse! II S'geyt a regn, s'geyt [s'falt] a shney, Es kapet fun di decher Yachne firt shoyn korn-mel, . . . Suggest Changes
In Shu Shu Shushan (to the tune of Polly Wolly Doodle) ......  Oh Haman was a high and mighty bluff, In Shu Shu Shushan long ago. He ordered Mordechai to take his derby off In Shu Shu Shushan long ago. So we sing, (3x) and raise a row. For Haman he was swinging While Mordechai was singing In Shu Shu Shushan long . . . Suggest Changes
Kemach ......  Kemach, kemach min hasak. Shemen, shemen min ha-kad. Chanuka hayom, Chag naim nechmad! La, la, la... Kemach, kemach min ha'sak, Shemen, shemen min hakad. Hava n'labev, L'vivot lachag. La, la, la... Od nosif betsa misal, Od sukar dak, v'hasal. Bou lashulchan, L'vivot nochal. La, la, la... . . . Suggest Changes
Kum Ikh Arayn ......  1. Kum ikh arayn tsu shpringen Oyf eyn fisele bloyz ; Heyb ikh on tsu zingen - Di simkhe iz mir groys! Zingen mir, loybn mir Shoshanas Yaakov! Homon iz geven shuldik Akhashveroshn a khoyv; Hot men im gezogt: "Di tlie iz oyfn hoy" Zingen mir, loybn mir: Shoshanas Yaakov! . . . Suggest Changes
Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew ......  . . . Suggest Changes
MEGILA MEGILA (to the tune of Obladi Oblada by the Beatles) BEATLESJOHN LENNON  OBLADI OBLADA Desmond had a barrow in the marketplace Molly is the singer in a band Desnond says to Molly girl I like your face Abd Nolly says this as she takes him by the hand Obladi oblada life goes on bra Lala how the life goes on Obladi oblada . . . Suggest Changes
Mishenichnas Adar Chaim ParchiEster Scrol  Mishenichnas Adar Marbin besimcha venahafoch hu asher yishletu hayehudim hema besone'ehem . . . Suggest Changes
Purim's Here so Let's Raise Cain (sung to Jimmy Crack Corn) ......  Purim's here, so let's raise cain Purim's come around again A holiday to sing and play, Hurrah, hurrah for Purim day. Oh Vashti was a beauty proud Who wouldn't cater to the crowd. To a royal summons she said "no," Her husband answered, "Out you go." Purim's here. . . . . . Suggest Changes
Simona miDimona ......  Yom-yom al ramat-Dimona Sham nitzevet hi nuga Shezufa ushma Simona Umtzapa leven zugah Refrain Biyokedet ahava lashkhora velanava velibi lah ron-yarona leSimona miDimona. velibi lah ron-yarona leSimona miDimona. Hey, Simona, mi Dimona! Hey, Simona-mona mi Dimona! Al roshi ekhbosh li kova, Ekhatet raglai bakhol, Ekapetz tat (=800) meter gova El . . . Suggest Changes
Stomp stomp stomp Karen DanielKaren Daniel  When you go to the store to buy a cookie Most of the cookies are round But a cookie in the shape of a triangle Can almost never be found Except for hamantaschen, has three sides Strawberries are baked inside Every time that we hear Haman's name We play a . . . Suggest Changes
The Latkes Song ......  I am so mixed up that I cannot tell you, I'm sitting in this blender turning brown. I've made friends with the onions and the flour, And the cook is scouting oil in the town. I sit here wondering what will come of me, I can't be eaten looking as . . . Suggest Changes
Utzu Eytza ......  Utzu eitza vetufar (3x) Daberu davar velo yakum: Ki imanu Eil. . . . Suggest Changes
Vashti's Song Debbie FriedmanDebbie Friedman  I never like to go to parties when I'm the only woman there. When I said no to Achashveirosh, I really didn't know he'd care. He threw me out, I could not be first lady anymore. I don't know what became of me, I'm not the queeen no more. (Doo . . . Suggest Changes
Wicked, Wicked Man ...beat  Oh, once there was a wicked, wicked man And Hamen was his name sir, He would have murdered all the Jews, Though they were not to blame sir CHORUS: Oh today, we'll merry, merry be Oh today, we'll merry, merry be Oh today, we'll merry, merry be And nash some . . . Suggest Changes
Yoshke, Yoshke ......  Yoshke, Yoshke, shpan dem loshek, Zol er gikher loyfn, Tomer vet er zikh obshteln Veln mir im nit kenen farkoyfn. Der Rebbe hot geheysn freylakh zayn, Trinkn bronfn nisht keyn vayn. . . . Suggest Changes

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